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    Apr 19, 2015
    There are certain ways and a number of wrong ways to clean urine stains on carpets.
    Wrong ways include using water and soap, household cleaners or scented sprays to try to remove stains or mask odors. With a sense of smell estimated at hundreds of times more sensitive than ours, cats detect the smell of your urine, no matter what product or how much you use in one location.
    Indeed, as the odor of urine or feces stimulates the desire to eliminate most likely you will be encouraging your cat to have an accident in the same place, when he would have otherwise expected to eliminate in the sandbox.

    The right way to remove cat urine stains
    For fresh, wet spots, completely cover the area with a dry cloth or use a product that has absorbent granules. These granules can be applied in wet area in urine. After plunging as much of the stain, spray or pour over a product made especially for pet stains containing bacteria 'live' and enzymes.
    These natural organisms actually 'eat' or digest the smell caused by bacteria, removing it permanently deep fibers of your carpet. Billions of beneficial bacteria attack stains and odors immediately and do not stop working until there is nothing left to digest.
    In addition to eliminating odors, these products also contain mild cleansers that help remove stains and restore the carpet fibers to its original form and leave a pleasant aroma.
    Dry spots
    While dealing with wet spots is better, you do not always find the accident until they are dry. The products you use on fresh stains are not as effective on dry spots. Different bacteria and enzymes, more aggressive, it is necessary to dry spots. Special formulas are available, whose ingredients penetrate deeper and contains specific enzymes exactly for the purpose. For best results, we recommend a second application after 24 hours.
    If you have a kitten, a cat with lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), or an older, incontinent cat, we suggest that you have these products in hand, since the faster you solve the problem, the better the result .
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    We don't have cats anymore at home and we really had problems with the cat urinating all over the place and it is really disgusting. It makes the house smelly and dirty so we decided to give the cat to the neighbors. It is good to read about this and learn from it. Good to know anyway!
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    Seems like kitty litter would clear problems, but is it for urine as well as the other stuff?

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