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  1. Myers

    Myers Super Promoter

    Mar 8, 2017
    Plymouth, England
    The Community Team Is Hiring!
    We are looking for one new CTM

    The Referral Directory Community Team Is currently seeking one new Team Member to join the team! As a Community Team Member here, you can expect to be apart of a friendly team and work alongside an active and excelling forum. For more specifics, see below!

    Duties Of A CTM:
    As a member of the Community Team you will be expected to be active daily and contribute to the team duties as listed below on a daily basis. As a CTM you can expect to:

    • Handle Moderation Reports- When someone makes a report against another users post on the forum or another users private message towards them, it will be your duty to take on board the report and handle it. This may involve investigating the matter, issuing sanctions for rule violations and settling any disputes. Once this is done you will close and archive the report.
    • Adherence to RD Rules. As a CTM, it shall be your job to enforce the board rules here are Referral Directory. You will be expected to take necessary action when a rule is broken. Moderation of the forums and their posts comes under this duty too.
    • Appeals, Requests & Complaints. As a CTM, whenever there is a sanction that gets appealed, a certain request (such as restrictions to be lifted) or a complaint, it will be your job to help have a say in it and partake in any discussions regarding them. This is a great chance to help make a difference to people and work front line with them.
    • Communal Works. As the Community Team name states, it's about the Community too! As a CTM you will have opportunities to run events and competitions here at the forum as well as take part in the community, getting to know members and helping newbies out. This is one of the most rewarding and also important duties you'll do on the team.

    Qualities & Personality:
    As a Community Team Member you should:
    • Have a friendly and approachable disposition allowing members to feel free to come and speak to you with concerns or problems.
    • Mature and responsible. "With great power comes great responsibility" As a CTM it is paramount that you are able to be mature when handling flamed situations and be a responsible person who cann handle the various 'powers' of the role.
    • Calm and logical. Sometimes as a CTM you'll be put in situations that aren't ideal. You should be able to keep a collection head at all times to diffuse any anger in the situation and be able to take a logical approach to fix it.

    Requirements For Applying:
    Before applying, ensure you meet (at least some) of the criteria below.
    • Should have 5 posts around the forums of a contributive and polite manner.
    • Should have been a member for more than 1 day.
    • Should be able to be active daily and partake in your duties on a regular basis
    • Should have a personality matched with some of the points stated above

    Application Form:
    If you feel you'd be a great CTM and want to apply to the team, awesome! Fill out this Form and get it heading my way via private message. I will take a look over all applications and let you know of a response no later than a week from the date of applying.

    [b][color=#33cc66]CT Application:[/color]
    Location / Timezone:
    Time On RD:[/b]
    ------ Questions Above Are Generic & will not affect your application --------
    [b]Why do you feel you should be picked for the CT?[/b]
    [b]What sort of things can you bring to the team?[/b]
    [b]Describe your personality and yourself:[/b]
    [b]Anything else you want to add:[/b]
    -------- Questions In The Segment Above WILL Affect Your Application & Should Be Answered Well --------
    IMPORTANT NOTES: If you have previously applied please resend me your application. Remember to send me @Myers your application via private message.

    I wish all applicants the best of luck!
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  2. Mike30

    Mike30 Basic Promoter

    May 8, 2017
    Is this a free or paid position?
  3. joshua87

    joshua87 New Promoter

    Jun 10, 2017
    Dallas, Texas
    What a terrific opportunity for a community member
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